For my birthday we decided to visit Benihana in Chelsea. My boyfriend had booked a menu for us on Bookatable, for a special deal, 6 courses for £29. We didn’t really know what the deal would actually offer us but we were really surprised by how good it was. Please note this deal only works … Continue reading Benihana

Burger & Lobster

I’ve been to this lil place twice now and the first time, I really didn’t think much of it. I didn’t think I liked lobster but the second time… I literally want to eat lobster every day (if I was a rich girl, are you singing Gwen Stefani too?)  I’m so ready to tell you … Continue reading Burger & Lobster


Sushi is one of those foods I am constantly craving. I literally can’t go a week without thinking of prawn tempura rolls, or tuna sashimi. Even typing this, I am sat here debating whether to go and get more. In Hertfordshire, where I reside, there is really no sushi options. It’s so limited. However, I … Continue reading OISHII BY ELLE