Wild Garlic Soup

Wild garlic is one of the best and seasonal additions to any meal. It grows just about EVERYWHERE. My parents happened to be on a walk and discovered a huge patch of the stuff right down our road, so we literally pick up hundreds of the leaves. Wild garlic can be used for anything, pesto’s, … Continue reading Wild Garlic Soup

Spring Pizza

The newest foodie trend is here, Spring Pizza. Basically, a healthy and delicious pizza. Right? Healthy and pizza are two words that just don’t mix but this is definitely a pizza you can gorge on and not feel guilty. You know, because it’s summer soon and we’ve trying to get that Bikini Bod. Cooking time: 45 … Continue reading Spring Pizza

The Bella Pressure Cooker

Recently I have been fortunate enough to receive a Bella Pressure Cooker for me to test out. I have never used a pressure cooker before so this was such an exciting opportunity for me! Pressure cookers are great for pretty much anything but best for soups, stews, rice and tons more. I for one really struggle … Continue reading The Bella Pressure Cooker

Burger & Lobster

I’ve been to this lil place twice now and the first time, I really didn’t think much of it. I didn’t think I liked lobster but the second time… I literally want to eat lobster every day (if I was a rich girl, are you singing Gwen Stefani too?)  I’m so ready to tell you … Continue reading Burger & Lobster