I’m highly active on Instagram (@thankgoditsfryday_) and follow a ton of foodies based in London. I have actually discovered a lot of new places through Instagram which is really cool. I discovered Pho and Bun by using the Bookatable app. The app allows you to find ‘star deals’ through the according cuisine and location. A star deal basically … Continue reading PHO & BUN


If you follow my Instagram page, (if you don’t, @Thankgoditsfryday, shameless promo) you will probably have seen endless pictures of sushi and sashimi from this gorgeous hidden place. I discovered this place through Instagram. I follow a ton of London based foodies and saw pics of the sashimi and was sold. Literally, saw the picture … Continue reading SUSHINOEN

How to make a Simple n’ Tasty Fish Finger Sandwich

Ever get bored of eating chicken nuggets and beans religiously? Don’t worry, no judging here. Being a student and making a yummy dinner doesn’t usually go together hand in hand. Sorry, although Super Noodles may be admittedly kinda tasty, it’s perfectly okay to be bored of eating that chicken flavoured mush. Let’s use up those frozen fish fingers … Continue reading How to make a Simple n’ Tasty Fish Finger Sandwich